The value of having Female Friends

The best advice I can give to all single men who are looking for girls to come into their lives is to become good friends with any and every girl you know. It’s really not difficult to become friends with girls and they’re usually fun to flirt with, regardless of the physical or emotional attractiveness you feel towards them. This […]

How to snick past her Rejection Mechanism

There’s an old saying… “If it talks like a duck and it walks like a duck… it’s a duck.” Ummm, ducks? Stick with me here, I’ll explain. Women are smart. They’ve been hit on thousands of times. And they KNOW what it looks like and FEELS like when a guy is hitting on them. How can they not? Take any […]

Think this way, Get girls

Money, power, and looks: all assets in the dating game, yet they’re not as powerful as what’s going on between your ears. How you think really is the deciding factor as to whether or not you will be successful with women. I know it sounds simplistic, but empowering thoughts are the only commonality of every good piece of dating advice. […]

This is like drug to women…( use it with caution)

If you ever had a girl seem completely into you… and then go cold… you got played. The game girls play is ‘how much attention can I get this guy to give me.’ It’s like a drug for some chicks… They love the fact they can get some guy to stand around ‘entertaining’ them for 2 hours… and just when he […]

How to improve your social skills

Social intelligence is the foundation of your game. You don’t have to become a party animal or trendy hipster, but in general you should learn to communicate and vibe with people. The problem is that many of us are trapped in our own heads due to extended periods of isolation. We work and study alone, get worn out and go […]

Young women love bad boys. Learn to be one

Tips for Putting Your Nice Guy Persona Away and Be a Bad Boy That Young Women Want Right Now One thing that younger women often want is what they can’t have. This is what makes bad boys so appealing to them. Bad boys have a devil-may-care attitude and are rebels that can’t be tied down. Something about these guys drives […]

Attraction switches that work on women

1. Looks and health For every woman who says looks don’t matter, they do. Looks don’t matter as much for most women as for most men, but they matter. Make the most of your looks. Any guy can become plausibly good-looking enough to be with beautiful women with a trip to the mall and a fashionable haircut. Being good-looking as […]

Use this psychology on a girl you want

Me and my buddy love to talk about the “psychology” of attracting and seducing ladies. It harps on a principle called “effort justification”. It’s the psychological law that states “the more effort we put into something, the more we want it.” This law is the reason why us men go CRAZY over women who are “hard to get”. Because winning […]

5 (surefire) signs she WANTS you to approach her

Never miss your window of opportunity to meet her again… Approaching girls can be nerve-wracking… Heck, most guys go their entire lives never having approached a single woman that they don’t know! This is because they are either don’t know that it’s possible, or they let fear hold them back… Either way in this article, I am going to give […]

Are you rewarding her bad behavior?

Are You Rewarding Her Bad Behaviour By Martins Monye   You know the scenario. You start dating a woman. After the first date, all you get is a peck on the cheek. Second date, you get a mouth kiss. Third date, you hold hands. It’s a very slow process. You can’t understand why it has to take so long to […]