27 Little Tips for BIG SUCCESS with Women

1. Be confident.

2. Teach yourself to smile.

3. Make good eye contact.

4. Say her name a lot during conversation.

5. Say hello.

6. Don’t be afraid to position yourself near her.

7. Don’t let conversation go on too long – you want her to want more.

8. Be polite, but not needy.

9. Give sincere compliments.

10. Anytime you make eye contact with a beautiful woman, keep looking at her – make her break it first.

11. Always try to look good.

12. Don’t become a “girlfriend” with women you are interested in.

13. Don’t be her therapist for her problems.

14. Model yourself after Clark Gable – attitude, confidence, charisma, looking suave.

15. Work on improving yourself – reading, working out, personality, etc.

16. Any mistakes you made in the past, learn from them, and don’t let them happen again.

17. When you see that you are in a position to close the deal, close don’t procrastinate.

18. When talking on the phone, don’t stay on for more then 10-15 minutes. Seem like you’re busy, even if you are not.

19. Always believe in yourself, no matter the situation.

20. When you see an opportunity, it’s very important to jump on it. You might not get another shot.

21. Knowledge is only potential power. Reading all the stuff you have learned about women means jack if you don’t use it.

22. Don’t put all your focus on one girl – have other options available.

23. It’s okay to sometimes play hard to get, but don’t overdo it.

24. Have some kind of game plan. You will be more confident with the approach.

25. Ask open-ended questions – put focus on her.

26. Read her body language. Non-verbal communication can tell you if she’s interested or not.

27. Give her a compliment on something that she does not hear much – taste in clothes, her intelligence, etc.

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