What You Need to Know Before Calling a Girl

When you first start dating a girl or getting to know her, NEVER stay on the phone talking with her for hours at a time.

If you do, you will indirectly communicate to her that you have nothing else better to do. That you are boring, sedentary, and don’t have much of a life. That your idea of fun and excitement is talking on the phone for hours.

Yes, I know you may enjoy the conversations with her and getting to know her better. And she may seem to enjoy them as well. After all you are attracted to her, and she to you.

But you will do more damage to your budding — and potentially awesome — relationship than good.

Don’t Be a No-Lifer

If you spend too much time on the phone with her, she will, either consciously or unconsciously, classify you as a NO-LIFER.

And girls are not attracted to NO-LIFERS!

Remember, this girl is looking for someone who will make her life more interesting, more exciting, more fun, more stimulating. BETTER!

It is to your advantage to be perceived by her as someone who is busy, someone who does things, someone who has an interesting and exciting life.

So… three minutes on the phone may be okay. 6 to 10 minutes is really pushing it.

Hang Up the Phone

And be sure that YOU are the one who cuts the call short — because you have to go go go. If she winds up ending the call, then you have SCREWED UP. You have talked way too much.

So: pique her curiosity about you, make a date to see her, then hang up the phone.

And, when she calls you and asks you what you’re doing… never say NOTHING.

Always be doing something interesting, or just getting back from doing something interesting, or getting ready to go do something interesting in a few minutes.

You need to communicate to her that you are the interesting, fun, and exciting guy she’s been dreaming about.

Do Something Interesting

And don’t lie or pretend. Mean what you say!

Do something interesting.

And not just for some girl.

Do something interesting because doing something interesting is… interesting.

Do something exciting because doing something exciting is… exciting.

Do something fun because doing something fun is… fun.

Don’t fake it. Actually BECOME the amazing guy she’s been looking for her entire life.

Think Fast

So what if she calls and you haven’t really done anything interesting lately?

Well, a good default thing to say — when you can’t think of anything else is:

  • I just got back from the gym.
  • I’m getting ready to go see a friend.

Then hang up the phone.

And go do something interesting

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