27 Little Tips for BIG SUCCESS with Women

1. Be confident. 2. Teach yourself to smile. 3. Make good eye contact. 4. Say her name a lot during conversation. 5. Say hello. 6. Don’t be afraid to position yourself near her. 7. Don’t let conversation go on too long – you want her to want more. 8. Be polite, but not needy. 9. Give sincere compliments. 10. Anytime […]

How to Lose a Woman – Fast!

Are you the jealous type? I hope not! Jealousy is one of the quickest and surest ways to get DUMPED. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. It indicates a lack of confidence on your part. And it is an instant turn-off for women. When you act in a jealous fashion you¬†tell her that you don’t feel worthy of her love, […]

5 Types of Guys Who Get Laid

I have found that there are five basic types of guys who pull a lot of chicks. They are as follows: Status dudes Money dudes Player dudes Funny/jerky dudes Thugs/bad boys. If you fit into more than one category, you’ll pull even more broads. I believe the reason all these guys are successful is because they all have unique qualities […]

What You Need to Know Before Calling a Girl

When you first start dating a girl or getting to know her, NEVER stay on the phone talking with her for hours at a time. If you do, you will indirectly communicate to her that you have nothing else better to do. That you are boring, sedentary, and don’t have much of a life. That your idea of fun and […]

Stop Asking, Just suggest

Today we’ve got one simple little tip that could increase your success rate with women DRAMATICALLY. And it’s super easy to do. Be¬†Assertive with Women Whenever you make a move or try to advance the relationship, DON’T ASK! You need to be assertive and stay in control. For every question you could ask, you can be assertive and use a […]

Shy guy fix #2: Get into Motion

Any time that you go into a social environment and you are being shy, the reason you feel that way is usually a result of your body language. -your knees are probably locked, and your feet aren’t moving much… -your elbows are likely close to your body… -you are probably holding a drink in front of your chest… And once […]

3 Proven Steps to Overcoming Anxiety With women

So you think you are shy, huh? Chances are if this blog appealed to you then you probably consider yourself to be “introverted.” But do you really know what “introverted” really means? I’ll give you a hint, it does not mean that you like to sit inside and read books all day. According to the dictionary, being “introvert” simply means […]